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Autumn Brilliance Service Berry

Amelanchier arborea ‘Autumn Brilliance’

Autumn Brilliance Service Berry
Sun Requirements Full Sun to Partial Shade
Average Spread 20'
Average Height 20'-25'
Growth Rate Medium
Fall Foliage Color Orange-Red
Blooms White
Flower/Fruit Eddible, Berry-like, birds love them
Guarantee 2 Year Replacement

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Multi-stemmed large shrub or small tree with a rounded crown of many small branches;  often dissipates in old age to a rounded form;  beautiful in winter dress with an understated elegance.  Brilliant Orange-Red fall color.  Very pleasing in a naturalistic planting and probably used to best advantage there; blends in well on the edges of woodlands, near ponds and streambanks;  blends into shrub borders especially with evergreen background